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About us

Our mission

To help all private renters in Croatia to follow the newest trends in tourism marketing and accomplish maximal financial potentital of their accomodation with full satisfaction of their clients and to raise the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of Croatian tourism on European and world market.

Our vision

To become the biggest provider of tourism consulting services in Croatia, which will always enable top quality and continuous financial profits for its clients.

Who is BIK?

BIK – consulting services for private renters is logical extension of more then two decades of hard work in Croatian tourism and catering. After successful private accommodation renting on many locations on Adriatic coast, in Zagreb and Croatian inland, we decided to offer our knowledge and experience to everyone. Our main goal is to help the renters of private accommodation in Croatia to avoid many traps of this business and help them to save their time and money; to make attracting of guests much easier and more effective; and finally, to help them maximize financial return on their investments!

What BIK offers?

We offer you a broad spectrum of most important tourism marketing services, with emphasis on today absolutely prerequisite, but often misused, online advertising. We offer you a plethora of additional advice designed to correct seemingly invisible deficiencies of your accommodation, that can seriously hurt your image with guests. Our experts can also give you many suggestions on how to decorate your property to really emphasise all its advantages and attract more guests. For the most serious approach to renting, we offer you an all-year marketing plan for your accommodation, as well as special packages that combine more services. And for those who, due to lack of time, wish to give the maintenance and renting of their property into the hands of experts and then just collect their above average profit carefree, we offer our service of complete apartment management.

Why choose BIK?

We work across Croatia and bring only top results to our clients! That’s maybe best visible by percentage of time that accommodation we service or manage is occupied with guests, and which averages 87% for 2017. But most importantly, we offer individual approach to each of our clients and we always look how to highlight the very best of each accommodation unit! Years of experience in tourism business have taught us how you should provide top quality service even for the most demanding guests, while also making a great profit! We’re sure that your apartment also deserves to be visited by as much satisfied guests as possible!

Therefore, be sure to contact us if:

We know how!

Our team of young, but very experienced experts will help you achieve maximal touristical potentital of your real estate and get you the best value for your invested money!



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