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Croatian capital

Zagreb is the Croatian capital and one of the youngest European metropolis. It is the biggest Croatian town although still do not have million of inhabitants. About Zagreb we can speak in great detail. Situated at the southern hillsides of Medvednica mountain, whose highest peak – Sljeme – is the favorite resort of Zagreb citizens and their guests, both in winter and in summer. Sljeme became famous thanks to the best Croatian skiers – brother and sister Ivica and Janica Kostelić.

Every town in the world has ‘something’ that distinguishes it from others. Zagreb is full of those ‘somethings’ so we will tell you only some of them, whilst others you can discover with travel agency prolingua travel.
Park – forest Maksimir was opened in 1794 at the location of the old bishop’s forest in which the Bishop Maximilian decided to provide his fellow citizens a place to rest.It was named after him Maksimilijanov mir (Maximilian’s Peace) or shortly – Maksimir. It is interesting that its surface is identical to the Central Park surface in New York City. There are five lakes in the park whilst through it runs seven streams –  Bliznec, Bukovčak, Dahlia, Maksimirec, Mirni dol, Piškornica and Štefanovec.
Zrinjevac or Nikola Šubić Zrinski Park is a park with the alley of 220 plane trees planted in 1872 and is part of so called Green horseshoe (or Lenuci horseshoe), urban entity of seven Zagreb downtown squares.
Ban Josip Jelačić Square, the central Zagreb square is the most visited tourist attraction but tourists also gladly visit the city cemetery Mirogoj because of the beauty of its architecture.
Exactly in the Zagreb School of Animated Film was born “Professor Balthazar” whose 59 episodes were purchased by 30 countries worldwide, but the greatest success has achieved in Scandinavia.
Jarun – urban settlement, sports and recreation center and the nightlife place. This popular excursion site of Zagrebers was arranged in 1987 for the needs of Summer Universiade.
Besides Stone Gate and Priest’s Tower, the Lotrščak tower in Zagreb’s Upper town – Gradec, is one of the most famous symbols of the city. In the tower is positioned the Grički cannon which daily by firing marks noon.
Ilica – is the main city street and trading centre.  It is interesting that the name Ilica we do not find in any town in Croatia or in any neighboring country. The only town named Ilica is a tourist settlement in western Turkey.
Zagreb Cathedral is the largest and the most monumental sacral building in Croatia and one of the most valuable monuments of Croatian cultural heritage. In the cathedral are buried the remains of Croatian great men.


Things to see in Zagreb:

Cathedral of Assumption

Upper town

Museum of Illusions

Museum of Broken Relationships

Tkalciceva street

Maksimir park

Jelacic Square


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